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Project Management

LRM Civil Services has experienced staff and a proven track record when it comes to…


Horizontal Directional Drilling

LRM Civil Services have been in the Horizontal Directional Drilling…


ROCK Drilling

With Hard Rock Drilling now in high demand, LRM posess the equipment, experience…


Non Destructive Digging

LRM Civil Services has the capability with its plant to undertake Non Destructive Digging (NDD)…


Horizontal Directional Boring

LRM Civil Services specializes in underground boring services…


Asset Locations

LRM posess up to date digital locators used for the location of existing infrustructure…


Welcome to LRM Civil Services

LRM Civil Services has been around for over 55 years, working with utility providers in various industries, to lay the pipelines of Melbourne.

LRM Civil Services are specialists in constructing pipelines in areas that are inaccessible to conventional construction techniques. There are no jobs that are too small, too large or too complex.

Directors of LRM Civil Services work in all facades of the Business, as we see it as important to understand what is happening and make continuous improvements and address any challenges at the outset.

LRM Civil Services prides itself on delivering quality work that goes beyond satisfying the clients.

We have extensive experience in conventional trenching and trenchless pipeline construction in ALL ground conditions.

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We have done a number of construction projects with LRM Civil Services. They have a solid grip on their work and know what they are doing. Be it non-destructive digging or boring – their experts can do the job without damaging the site.

Andrew Shaw, Project Manager
Andrew Shaw, Project Manager

I have worked on various power and gas projects. We trust LRM Civil Services for all our excavation, scraping and digging work. These guys are so experienced and they always come equipped with the right equipment and gears. Would highly recommend them!

Chris Lee, Contractor