Assets LocationsLRM posess up to date digital locators used for the location of existing infrustructure.

Establishing the location of underground assets on our job-sites is the first step we take prior to any type of digging or drilling. Having this knowledge of what is underground will make the differencefor you in order to complete your project successfully by preventing Injury, Damage and High Repair Cost. LRM staff are highly trained & experienced in investigating and locating critical assets.

Coupled in with Non Destructive Digging, LRM leaves nothing to chance.

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We have done a number of construction projects with LRM Civil Services. They have a solid grip on their work and know what they are doing. Be it non-destructive digging or boring – their experts can do the job without damaging the site.

Andrew Shaw, Project Manager

I have worked on various power and gas projects. We trust LRM Civil Services for all our excavation, scraping and digging work. These guys are so experienced and they always come equipped with the right equipment and gears. Would highly recommend them!

Chris Lee, Contractor

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