Premium Underground Boring Services in Melbourne

LRM Civil Services specializes in underground boring services in Melbourne. Our job includes channelizing pipelines in under paths, driveways, roads, rail as well as congested and environmentally sensitive areas that are inaccessible to the conventional construction techniques. Our team of expert boring contractors utilizes the latest equipment and technique to provide efficient solutions in the short bore and confined space drilling processes.

The drill and bore operations under roadways and driveways in confined areas include:

  • Installing utility channel for electricians, plumbers, landscapers, and developers
  • Drilling and boring under paved surfaces along with under buildings and walls
  • Executing horizontal drilling projects in all ground conditions in Melbourne

When it is about underground infrastructure and boring work, you need a professional who has the required experience and qualification to ensure you get the right result. At LRM Civil Services, you are guaranteed with a team of expert contractors providing successful solutions for all the underground boring projects.

With a full range of equipment and machinery, our underground boring contractors have the expertise to undertake a project of any type from a short bore under a footpath or a driveway to a large infrastructure power project.

Underground Boring Experts

Our team of underground boring contractors in Melbourne is fast, efficient and have a high regard for safety. We pride ourselves on delivering fast, accurate and cost-effective solutions regardless of the type of the boring project.

Our Goals:

To stay updated with the latest technology in boring and drilling sector
To increase environmental awareness
To provide better boring solutions to the projects coming our way
To keep a well-maintained and motivated customer-oriented workforce

Our Services:

  • Project Management
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • Rock Drilling
  • Asset Locations
  • Non Destructive Digging

The under road boring system in Melbourne works best in situations where access may be an issue. We provide total underground solutions through:

  • Horizontal boring under pathways
  • Horizontal drilling under driveways
  • Long distance underground boring
  • Underground power to your property
  • Underground electricity connections
  • Under road boring

If you require minimal impact on the above ground environment by installing pipes or cables over long distances, we provide a horizontal directional boring solution through an advanced Trenchless system. This will enable you with a highly accurate underground bore that avoids obstacles and gives you the best path for your infrastructure.

When the boring distance required is shorter like a driveway, pathway or under the road, a straight horizontal bore is required. The horizontal boring system is a tried and tested Trenchless technique used for underground installations without disturbing the surfaces.

Why Choose Us?

Top six reasons to use our services for your next project!

  1. Experience
  2. Safety
  3. Reliability
  4. Affordability
  5. Customer Satisfaction
  6. Accurate Results

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For comprehensive boring solutions in Melbourne, contact us directly at 1300 267 464! One of our team members will understand your requirements and provide you with an estimate accordingly.

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We have done a number of construction projects with LRM Civil Services. They have a solid grip on their work and know what they are doing. Be it non-destructive digging or boring – their experts can do the job without damaging the site.

Andrew Shaw, Project Manager

I have worked on various power and gas projects. We trust LRM Civil Services for all our excavation, scraping and digging work. These guys are so experienced and they always come equipped with the right equipment and gears. Would highly recommend them!

Chris Lee, Contractor

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